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These facilities house digital infrastructure for companies with vast data processing that require great storage needs.


A future of potential

These facilities house digital infrastructure for companies with vast data processing that require great storage needs. Data Centres are deemed hyperscale when it exceeds 5,000 servers and 10,000sq feet. This sector has accelerated in the last decade with the increased demand for cloud services following the growth of internet services, 5G, AI and more companies relying heavily on the internet to propel their business to succeed within the global market! Hyperscale facilities are a crucial element to the world's digital system.

Lagan Energy’s Geographical Footprint Past and Present

1. Dublin, Ireland
Data Centre

2. London, England
Multiple Data Centres

3. Paris, France
Data Centre

4. Milan, Italy
Data Centre

5. Gavle & Lulea, Sweden
Data Centres

6. Copenhagen, Denmark
Data Centre

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data Centres

8. Frankfurt, Germany
Data Centre

9. Budapest, Hungary
Data Centre

Our Services


Our Engineering Team is comprised of highly qualified, industry experienced professionals who utilise leading edge software and design with excellent understanding of regional utility functional requirements.

Some of our capabilities include:
Lagan Energy Design
  • Load flow analysis
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Protection co-ordination
  • Arc-flash studies
  • Equipment strength & capability
  • Motor starting: static & dynamic
  • Earthing grid design
  • Cable sizing
  • Harmonic & power quality analysis
  • Others upon request


Our installation team have vast experience in installing all aspects of the electrical balance of plant in a substation setting. We are renowned for completing our projects safely, on time and within budget.

Some of our attributes are:
Lagan Energy Construction
  • Full substation EBOP build Projects managed and delivered by passionate and competent people
  • Regular and effective communication key to safe and successful delivery of the clients project
  • Committed to understanding and delivering the clients requirements
  • Projects delivered in compliance with the national legislative requirements


We are able to test all types of electrical equipment in both planned and un-planned instances.

Some of these include:
  • Protection relay secondary injection testing (all types)
  • Transformer primary injection site acceptance testing (up to 400kV)
  • Earth system testing
  • HV / LV system insulation resistance (IR) testing and VLF Testing
  • LV installation testing in accordance with national ‘wiring’ regulations
Lagan Energy HQ

Protection Testing Capability Study


LEE own and use the Omicron CMC 356 secondary injection test set for protection testing. Using this device, LEE have tested the following types of protection relay (list not exhaustive):

  • Differential protection:
  • Transformer unit protection: HV-LV winding unit scheme, HV&LV restricted earth fault.
  • Cable system unit protection.
  • Distance protection.
  • G59 / G10 protection.
  • Busbar protection: ‘main’ and ‘check’ relays.
  • Overcurrent / earth fault protection
    (directional & non-directional):
  • 3-phase.
  • HV overcurrent: Stages 1 & 2.
  • Standby earth fault: Stages 1 & 2.
  • Balanced earth fault.
  • Neutral voltage displacement (NVD) protection.
  • CT/VT supervision.
We also have the following capability:
  • Programming of IED settings & logic files.
  • Interrogation of relays following relay operation.
  • Commissioning of intertripping schemes.
  • Commissioning of interlocking schemes.

Customer testimonials

I have found Lagan Energy to be a well organised & structured business who are willing to work beyond their remit with all project stakeholders. They are solution driven and very proactive in dealing with client changes and needs, through a “Can do attitude”.

Ruairi Ryan Dip PM
Associate Director - Operations, Kirby